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Welcome to Maple Placement

Maple Placement had a modest start like every new organization and today the company is thriving with an accelerated impetus. We have so far aided job seekers in their quest for ideal jobs and have also helped companies in reinventing their businesses. We like our profession because it makes us feel big and makes us realize we are bringing good to something that is indispensible for the economy.


Maple Placement hosts a diligent team of HR professionals and recruitment specialists who are well-versed with both classic and latter day practices. We have never taken any client of ours for granted and every client is important and larger than life to us. Our regard for our clients stems from our profound respect for our every fellow human being irrespective of his or her social status. We have aided the nihilist types of jobseekers too and also attended to the needs of the most upscale companies. Read more...